Bizniz (비즈니즈 )

Kim Hwee Dong & Bizniz
01.기다릴게 [I'll Wait]
01. Rebirth (I'm a Hustler)
02. Back In The Buildin`
03. I'm Hot, You're Not (feat. San E)
04. 강해질거야 (feat. Ku In Hoe of M.A.C)
05. History (A Decade Of K-Hip Hop) (feat. Verbal Jint)
06. Hero Music (feat. L.E.O, Zico, Park Kyung, Basick, Pento, J'kyun, SQ, Huckleberry P, B-Free)
07. 청춘에게
08. 불편한 진실 (feat. Swings)
09. Lost & Found (feat. Jinbo)
10. The Inspiration (feat. The Quiett)
11. My First Song (feat. Park So Eun)
12. Special Thanks

Tweet Tweet
01. Tweet Tweet (Feat. Psycoban, Deepflow, Hanhae)
02. Tweet Tweet (Inst.)

This is Bizniz
01. This is Bizniz
02. The Show (Feat. Dok2)
03. One & Only (Feat. 화영 Hwa Young)
04. 너의 소식 (So Sick) (Feat. 알렉스 Of Clazziquai)
05. Fresh To Death (Feat. Verbal Jint)
06. Love Of My Life (Feat. L.E.O, E-Sens, Fana & The Quiett)

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