F.CUZ - Never Let You Go (Music Video)

Girl's Day & Songhobum - Kwaktaehun Haroo 3rd Project

01.Bum Bum Bum
02.Bum Bum Bum (inst.)

Kan Mi Yeon - Feeling Project #1

01.Good Love

Brave Girls - Back To Da Future (mini album)

01. Back To Da Future
02. 툭하면 (Featuring Skul1)
03. 비가 내리면
04. 너무 아파 (Featuring Maboos From Electroboyz)
05. Do You Know (Acoustic Remix Version)
06. 툭하면 (Featuring Skul1 : Instrumental)

After School - Bang! (MV Japanese Ver.)

BoM - Without You (Mini album)

01. Without You
02. Without You (Acoustic Version)
03. Without You (Inst.)