TVXQ - Live "KJE’s Chocolate"





Park Jung Min - Live "KJE’s Chocolate"


Not Alone

GD & T.O.P - Don't Go Home (Live 110130)

JYJ - Their rooms (Music essay) (mini album)

04.Fallen leves
06.Unnamed Song Parte 1

Kim Bum Soo & Taeyeon (SNSD) - Different

01.Different (달라)
02.Different (달라) (Inst.)

IU - Alicia OST

01 Alicia (앨리샤)

Epik High

CD 1: [e] motion

01. Oceans. Sand. Trees
02. Slow Motion
03. 선물 (ft. 박지윤)
04. No More Christmas
05. Maze (ft. Dumbfoundead, MYK)
06. 통기타 (Skit)
07. 트로트
08. Emologue
09. Excuses (ft. MYK)
10. Moonwalker
11. Breathe (Mithra's Word) (ft. 한희정)
12. Happy Birthday to Me (ft. 하동균)
13. Heaven (ft. MYK) 14. Owls. Shadows. Tears.
15. [BONUS] Slow [e] Motion

CD 2: [e] nergy

01. Orchestras. Spotlights. Turntables. (ft. MYK)
02. Still Here (ft. Dok2)
03. Sensitive Thug (Skit)
04. 따라해 (Wannabe) (ft. Mellow)
05. Rocksteady (ft. Kero One, Dumbfoundead, MYK, Rakka (Dilated Peoples))
06. Madonna (ft. Mellow)
07. 말로맨
08. Shopaholic
09. Supreme 100
10. High Technology
11. Rocksteady (Korean Version) (ft. Paloalto, Dok2, Beatbox DG, Beenzino)
12. High Skool Dropout (반항하지 마)
13. 흉 (ft. MYK, YDG, Dok2)
14. Lesson 4 (Tablo's Word)
15. Organs. Screams. Televisions.


01. 서랍
02. Run
03. 바보
04. Wordkill
05. Blossom
06. 비늘
07. 잡음
08. Coffee
09. Over
10. 숲

Search (Digital Single)
Gangsta Santa
01.Gangsta Santa

Lost Map (special mini album)

01 Epik High: Wordkill (Studio Demo)
02 MYK: Dazed and Amazed (Home Demo)
03 Epik High & MYK: Top Gun (Home Demo)
04 MYK: Follow the Sun (Studio Demo)

Map The Soul (album)

01. Believe
02. Cipher(feat. Beatbox DG)
03. Map the Soul(feat. MYK)
04. Customer Service(Skit)
05. Top Gun
06. Scenario(피해망상 Part.2) (feat. MYK)
07. London
08. Free Music(Tablo And MYK)
09. Map the Soul(Tablo, MYK & Kero One) (Worldwide ver.)
10. 8 by 8 part.2(feat. MYK, Minos, Paloalto, The Quiett, Verbal Jint, Kebee, E-Sens, Simon Dominic)

Pieces, Part One Album
01. Be
02. Breakdown
03. Seoul, 1:13 AM
04. One (feat. Jisun)
05. Yeonpilkkakki (feat. Kebee)
06. Girl (feat. Jinbo)
07. Slave (Short Piece)
08. The Future (feat. Yankie)
09. 20 Fingers (Short Piece)
10. Ignition (feat. Na Yoon Gwon)
11. Eight By Eight (feat. Double K, Dok2, TBNY, Dynamic Duo)
12. Décalcomanie
13. Icarus Walks (Short Piece)
14. Nakhwa
15. Useon (feat. Younha)
16. Dangshinui Jokakdeul (feat. Jisun)
17. Breakdown (Supreme Mix)
18. One (Planet Shiver Remix)

Remapping The Human Soul
The Brain
01.The End Times (Instrumental)
02.白夜 [White Night]
03.알고 보니 (Feat. Jinbo)
04.실어증 (Feat. Paloalto)
05.Mr. Doctor (Feat. Yankie)
06.Runaway (Mithra's Word)
07.Exile (Instrumental)
08.Still Life (Feat. Jinbo, The Quiett, Kebee, TBNY & MC Meta)
09.피해망상 pt.1 (Feat. Junggigo)
10.희생양 [Scapegoat] (Feat. Sweet Sorrow)
11.Nocturne (Tablo's Word)
12.혼 [Soul]
13.In Peace (Instrumental)
The Heart
01.Slave Song
02.Flow (Feat. Hinouchi Emi)
05.거미줄 [Spider-web] (Feat. Itta)
06.선곡표 (Feat. DJ Zio)
07.중독 (Feat. Wanted)
08.Underground Railroad
10.Love Love Love (Feat. Yoongjin of Casker)
11.Girl Rock (Feat. Jiae)
12.Broken Toys (Feat. Infinite Flow)
13.행복합니다 (Feat. JW of Nell)
14.Public Execution
Swang Songs (album)
01.Innisfree (Intro)
03.Lesson 3 (Mc)
06.그녀는 몰라
08.이별, 만남... 그 중점에서
09.The Epikurean (Intermission)
11.Let It Rain
12.도시가 눈을 감지 않는 이유
13.Follow The Flow
14.Swan Song
15.Goodbye (Outro)
16.Bone Us Element

High Society

01. 신사들의 산책 (Good Morning)
02. High Skool
03. 평화의 날
04. The Sunrise Interlude
05. Lesson 2 (The Sunset)
06. My Ghetto feat. 김연우
07. The Basics feat. unknownDJs
08. 신사들의 절약정신 (Good Afternoon)
09. Lady (High Society)
10. 피해망상 pt.3 with TBNY
11. 11월1일 feat. 김재석 of WANTED
12. 뚜뚜루
13. 혼자라도 feat. Clazziquai
14. Daydream (사직서)
15. Open M.I.C. feat. 은지원, TBNY, Tweak, Dynamic Duo
16. 뒷담화
17. 신사들의 몰락 (Good Evening)
18. I Remember (70s Soul Remix) with Asoto Union & Kensie (Bonus Track)

Map Of The Human Soul

01. Go
02. 풍파 (feat. 한상원)
03. I Remember (feat. Kensie)
04. 하늘에게 물어봐 (feat. Dynamic Duo A.K.A. 최자와 개코)
05. 10년 뒤에 (Dear Me) (feat Leeds)
06. Lesson One (Tablo's Word)
07. 그녀가 불쌍해 (feat. Lyn)
08. Street Lovin' (feat. Joosuc)
09. Love Song (feat. 박선웅 Of 남궁연 악단)
10. 고독 恨 사랑 (Mithra's Word)
11. Free Love
12. Get High
13. 유서 (feat. TBNY)
14. 막을내리며 (Dedication)
15. Watch Ya Self (feat. 디기리, Yankie, Double K - Hidden Track)