2 Mixtape The Next Top 5

01.The Next Top 5
03.Mic Ceremony feat. Zico of Block B, DJ Wreckx
04.Porn Star feat.Suprema
05.Level 8
06.Is It Already Winter feat.NoS2oK
07.Broken Radio
08.Martian Virus feat.Hanhae (PHANTOM), Mino (BoM)
09.Rap City
10.Cold World
11.Grammy Nominee
12.My Time(Guess Who)

That Boy’s Mixtape
02.I Just Wanna
03.Beginning feat. H-Lim
04.Monologue feat. Junweather
05.Short Stories
06.Yonkers Freestyle
07.Can A Rapper Get Some
08.Keyboard Breaker feat. Masstige
09.Interlude – Teletubbies
10.Pil-Pain feat. Scary’P
12.Pretty Girl Rock feat. Suprema
13.We Up feat. ex8er

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